Arupa® Teas Rumex Classic Original Formula Essiac Classic

Arupa Tea

Rumex Classic: The original formula Essiac Classic

The Arupa Teas are a North American herbal mixture, also known as Essiac or Rene Caisse Tea.

The Rumex Classic combines the dried and ground sheep sorrel plant with 30% or 90% root (rumex acetosella), the dried and chopped root of greater burdock (arctium lappa), the dried and ground inner bark of slippery elm (ulmus rubra) and the dried and ground root of turkey rhubarb (rheum palmatum).

Preparation for 10g:  First, bring 1 litre of non-chlorinated water to the boil and then stir in 10g of the tea. Simmer with the lid on for 13 minutes (19 minutes for the tea with 90% root). Then remove from heat and let stand for 10-12 hours. Heat the tea again – but do not bring it to a boil – and pour it into clean bottles. Sufficient for about 3-4 weeks.

Usage:  1 tablespoon of Rumex Classic with twice the amount of cold or warm water, daily. Drink the tea slowly and on an empty stomach. Eat any food half an hour later. Arupa Life Tea can be taken up to twice a day (morning and evening).


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Research has shown that this herbal mixture has been in use for almost a hundred years.

Arupa Teas are shipped in resealable stand-up pouches. Please store in the refrigerator after opening.

Detailed information on the history, makeup and use of this herbal mixture can be found in particular in the new book by Mali Klein “The Essiac Essentials Handbook“, 2016. Over the last 20 years she has conducted extensive research on the use of the Essiac tea.

Quantity / Price

35% Sheep sorrel
(30% or 90% root)
54% Greater burdock
9% Slippery elm
2% Turkey rhubarb

35% rumex acetosella
(30% or 90% root)
54% arctium lappa
9% ulmus rubra
2% rheum palmatum

With 30% root rumex acetosella
10g € 7,20 = € 0.72 per g
50g € 27,00 = € 0,54 per g
2x50g € 45,00 = € 0,45 per g

With 90% root rumex acetosella
10g € 8,10 = € 0.81 per g
50g € 31,50 = € 0,63 per g
2x50g € 54 = € 0,54 per g