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The Book about Essiac Tea

If you are looking for clarity about Essiac, then this book is for you. After 20 years of research, Mali Klein has now written and published her last book on Essiac Tea.

Ms. Klein is the only one who has access to the archive of the nurse Rene Caisse, which has been left behind. Her findings have been summarised in this book, helping to dispel ambiguity regarding Essiac tea.

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This insightful Essiac book was written by Mali Klein in 2016 and enriched with stories, anecdotes, references and images from the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive. The individual Essiac herbs are listed in detail and the correct preparation of the Essiac tea is described in detail.

It gives us great pleasure to have this book printed here for you since 2018 at Arupa and to offer it to you.


1 Book92 pages, colour