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How is it possible to always be at the optimum of my energy?
That question got me, Dr. Jasmin Wollborn, longing to know and I investigated this topic intensively.
As a psychologist and expert on subtle energies, it made sense to develop sprays based on the principle of quantum physics.
These Sprays work on the different levels of being and ensure, if the energy does not flow quite so well, it gets going again relatively quickly and sustainably.
The Sprays are used as seen in the picture on the left and the effect is not lacking …

Recover your Zest for Life with ARUPA®

Enjoy the moment. Let the past be. Welcome a perception of OneBeingNess (» ALL IN ONE). Create space for new things (» LET GO) and get back onto your own path and find your way home (» COME HOME).

Look for a life in which you feel 100% well (» FEEL GOOD) in which you can love yourself and your surroundings as they are (» LOVE IT) as well as having enough energy to regenerate yourself on a daily basis – even reinvent yourself (» RENEW).

Free yourself from old constraints and burdens (» BE FREE), find peace (» CALM DOWN) and then – full of energy – protect yourself by expanding and becoming larger than life. Then open up to new impressions and experiences (» OPEN UP).

Leave misery and stress behind you. Have fun and once again feel well within your shell (» HAVE FUN) so that your creativity can unfold freely (» CHERISH IT) and you start enjoying every single day – utterly calm with no fears (» BE SAFE).

Free of old blockages and worries, you become one with yourself and the world (» BE ONE) and so bring back lightness and laughter into your life (» LOOSEN UP).

At times there might be hinderances and old blockages in the way. The ARUPA® SPRAYS will assist you in moving these out of your way (» FIX IT) while strengthening your backbone and assisting you in overcoming challenges (» LIFT IT), boosting your energy levels and thus allowing you to meet life with arms wide open (» LIVE IT).

Without the hinderances and with maximum energy levels, the impression that you naturally make on other people will develop noticeably towards the positive (» BE COOL) just like your perception of yourself (» BE IT).

The ultimate objective: perfect integration into your own life and your environment – in absolute harmony and alignment (» HARMONY).

Coming out of this state of alignment you are able to tackle tests and demanding situations with new vigour in a relaxed and stress-free manner (» NEW START). And thanks to a well-balanced energy body (» BOOST IT ) even degenerated or disturbed body cells can regain their balance.

To maintain this harmonious state requires a lot of energy and commitment. Here our unique ARUPA® INDIVIDUAL SPRAY comes into play. Perfectly adapted to your needs, this spray is conceived and made exclusively for you.

To complete things the COMPLETE SET is designed to enrich your life on all levels – supporting you in walking along life’s path in an inspired and lighthearted manner.

Enjoy choosing your own ARUPA® products!


At age 80 I am still working as a medical doctor. Since I use the Arupa Sprays, I am much quieter, more concentrated and more effective in my work, and of course also much happier, liberated and satisfied as a person. The Arupa Sprays facilitate my work with patients enourmously and have been applied successfully over 3000 times. In particular, I have found that kinesiologic balances run much faster, go deeper and are more thorough.

Thank you Jasmin for providing me with your sprays. They are: Super great and work super fast. Spray No.1 and No.2 I particularly like. They make me feel really good, I am not so quickly irritated and don’t feel so easily annoyed by others. The sprays work! With the help of the Arupa Sprays I have got my health, family and work completely in hand. Thank you very much for that.

Skeptical at first, I am now thrilled.

The spray “No. 1 – Let Go ” I’ve been using for a very long time. Since then I have the feeling of being “seen”, others’ attentiveness to me has changed positively. I also often feel better myself, as if difficult situations were easier to cope with. Thanks a lot!