How the Arupa® Sprays work

Joy comes as soon as the true self is at the centre of life. But sometimes the self moves into the background and one is completely absorbed by external influences. This is where the Arupa Sprays come in: Their goal is to help people on their journey back to the true self – joy. The mode of operation of the sprays can be scientifically explained and figuratively derived.

Modern physics teaches us that the basic building blocks of the material world, i.e., atoms contain 99.99999 percent of „nothing”. This „nothing” corresponds to an all pervasive energy. Every living being consists of atoms and molecules and is surrounded by its own energy field, information and vibration. How is it then that we perceive our bodies as being solid? The analogy of a fan helps explain this phenomenon: At standstill one can pass through the individual blades of the fan. This becomes impossible once the fan reaches a certain speed. The electrons move with a very high speed around the nuclei of the atoms. This makes an object seem solid and impenetrable to us.

Vibrations can make other bodies vibrate. Caruso, for example, sang the high C, causing glasses to vibrate so violently that they shattered. The coupling of vibration works with two similar tuning forks – each put into a resonance box: If you strike one tuning fork and stop it a few seconds later, the second one takes on the acoustic wave of the first tuning fork and vibrates or rather sounds now itself. When striking a singing bowl or hitting a gong there is a reaction in the human body, which starts vibrating with the sound’s vibrations. All three examples demonstrate the principle of resonance.

Water is a particularly good carrier for information. Masaru Emoto’s work shows the subtle extent to which water can be influenced by patterns of vibration. Our body is made up of seventy percent water. So it is no wonder that frequency patterns which have been placed upon water can have a strong influence on the body, as things resonate with each other.

Arupa Sprays are carriers of certain vibration patterns. By spraying the sprays into the body’s energy field resonance is induced and a change takes place in the energy field of the body. Through their frequency and the information they carry, Arupa Sprays harmonise the energy field of the person using them.

Perturbances in the energy body lead amongst other things to disturbances in the energy flow of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. In the case of a lake, where the inflow or outward flow is blocked, it ultimately results in a reduction of the quality of the water: The lake becomes “sick”. The human body reacts similarly. 

To hinder this, Arupa Sprays harmonise the flow of energy in the human energy body and therefore also influence the physical body. To stay with the example of the lake: the first and most important Arupa Spray LET GO, for example, opens the outward flow of the energy field, i.e., the lake, and thus begins to make everything flow again. Thus the energy field has a chance to recover, which leads to a sense of harmony within the body’s vibration.

Following the enthusiastic feedback from people using the Arupa Sprays, Dr. Jasmin Wollborn founded Arupa AG to allow the sprays to go out into the world and help people to enjoy life.

Tao Te Ching


The gentlest thing in the world overcomes the hardest thing in the world.

That which has no substance enters where there is no space.

Lao Tzu translated by Stephen Mitchell