FAQ Arupa® Sprays

What is the energy field?

The energy field surrounds your whole body. You may like to feel it yourself:

Rub your hands together until they get warm. Shake your hands briefly. Now keep both palms apart at a distance of about ten centimetres and wait a bit. Relax your fingers.

After a short while you will feel how a field builds up between your hands. Many feel this as tingling, tension or heat. Slowly pull the energy field between your hands like “chewing gum” apart and squeeze it back together.

When both hands are about five centimetres apart, you feel a resistance – this is the first layer of your energy field.

How do the sprays work?

The main component of the spray is water, which serves as an information carrier. The human body is also 70% water. Even the slightest change in this element creates significant ripples – like a stone thrown into a lake.

If, for example, No. 1, LET GO, is sprayed into the energy field with the information “Grounding”, our field will pick up the information “Grounding”. We become grounded.

Which sprays are best for me?

Trust your gut feeling: take a moment and tune into yourself. Which sprays appeal to you the most? Which descriptions resonate with you?

As a little help: as a foundation, we recommend the first spray No. 1 LET GO – which grounds and cleans the energy field.

Are there special sprays for children?

The Arupa sprays contain no alcohol and are therefore suitable for everyone and every age. The feedback from numerous children and their parents speak for themselves: the sprays are effective even for the youngest.

Can I also use the sprays for animals?

The Arupa sprays were originally designed primarily for the human energy field. But we have already received many positive reports from customers who have successfully applied their sprays to their animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.).

The harmless ingredients water and rock salt of the sprays work – even in animals.

Why do you use glass bottles?

The dark purple glass bottles reduce possible disturbances from the outside. They limit the effect of light to a minimum and are very robust.

We also want to use products that are recyclable wherever possible.

How often can I apply the sprays?

In order for the sprays to have their full effect, it is advisable to use them at least twice a day. For example, many customers integrate Arupa Sprays into their morning and evening routine.

Arupa sprays, which are good support and help in special situations, can be used more often.

We hope you enjoy the sprays!

Tao Te Ching


The Tao is nowhere to be found.

Yet it nourishes and completes all things.

Lao Tzu translated by Stephen Mitchell