The Lifestyle Starter Kit combines the grounding and individual effects of the Energy Sprays ALL IN ONE and LET GO and the informative book The Call of the Magic Stone on the subject of consciousness and meditation.

If you would like to have the German translated version of the book please let us know at check out in the order notes field.

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In the delightfully crafted guide » The Call of the Magic Stone to higher consciousness and meditation, the Moorbys take you on a journey alongside Henry who has remarkable experiences under mystical guidance.

» ALL IN ONE combines all 21 Arupa sprays and encompasses all of their frequencies.

It assists wherever support is needed. With ALL IN ONE, the perception of OneBeingNess becomes a constant companion, there in every moment.

»  LET GO opens, clears and renews the energy field.

It facilitates grounding, tidies up and transforms. LET GO brings fortitude, solidity and stability to life.


1 x The Call of the Magic Stone
1 x 15 ml ALL IN ONE
1 x 15 ml LET GO
1 book, hardcover 100 pages, natural paper FSC®

1 x 15 ml: lasts up to 37
days & corresponds to 1,32 € / ml

1 x 15 ml: corresponds to approx. 150 sprays