Your close Friend

Your individual Arupa Spray supports the development of your own potential and its realisation in everyday life. This leads to greater stability, harmony and zest.

The INDIVIDUAL SPRAY is especially designed for you as your companion.

In addition to your name at birth and date of birth we need a current picture of you. Based on this information we create a specific and individual frequency pattern suited to your needs. This tailor-made frequency pattern is then transferred onto the carrier substance in a complex process.

Application:  Best to use the INIVIDUAL SPRAY twice a day. Spray the INDIVIDUAL SPRAY above the head into the electromagnetic field. Then, at the level of the navel, spray away from the body towards the feet.

For more effective results, use LET GO at least once a day before using your INDIVIDUAL SPRAY.


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Water prior to Programming

Water plus Arupa Vibration


Through the interplay of the sprays’ ingredients, mineral water, rock salt and high-frequency information patterns, the Arupa Energy sprays act directly on the human energy field. As alcohol is not used, the sprays are suitable for people of all ages. The sprays have successfully been applied to animals.

Arupa Energy Sprays work most effectively when they are sprayed away from the body into the electromagnetic field that it is surrounded by. As every person is unique, everyone responds differently to the sprays. The intensity and speed of reaction varies.

There are no known side effects when using the Arupa Energy Sprays. They can be used alongside any type of therapy, but are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment.


6 bottles:
3 bottles x 10 ml
3 bottles x 50 ml
≙ € 4,94 / ml
1x wooden base for 6 bottles: maple wood from renewable sources, naturally oiled
Content INDIVIDUAL SPRAY: 120 ml ≙ 1200 sprays
Content LET GO: 60 ml ≙ 600 sprays

2x 10 ml bottles ≙ 200 sprays INDIVIDUAL SPRAY
2x 50 ml bottles ≙ 1000 sprays INDIVIDUAL SPRAY

1x 10 ml bottle ≙ 100 sprays LET GO
1x 50 ml bottle ≙ 500 sprays LET GO

Lasts for 300 days