Balancing the ups and downs of life

Just as joy is enhanced by togetherness, the Sprays unfold their full effectiveness when used sequentially or when several Arupa Sprays are used together.

Application:  Apply the sprays two days at a time in the order in which they are numbered. After using spray number 1 – LET GO for two days, use number 2 – COME HOME and so on until number 21 – BOOST IT is reached. Apply LET GO twice daily throughout the process to support the other sprays. After having applied the full set, use the Arupa Sprays intuitively and depending on the situation or life issues, you can use several at the same time.


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Water prior to Programming

Water plus Arupa Vibration


Through the interplay of the sprays’ ingredients, mineral water, rock salt and high-frequency information patterns, the Arupa Energy sprays act directly on the human energy field. As alcohol is not used, the sprays are suitable for people of all ages. The sprays have successfully been applied to animals.

Arupa Energy Sprays work most effectively when they are sprayed away from the body into the electromagnetic field that it is surrounded by. As every person is unique, everyone responds differently to the sprays. The intensity and speed of reaction varies.

There are no known side effects when using the Arupa Energy Sprays. They can be used alongside any type of therapy, but are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment.


Content per Set:

21 bottles of 15 ml ≙ 315 ml ≙ 1.26 / ml

21 bottles of 20 ml ≙ 420 ml ≙ 1.18 / ml

1x wooden base for 21 bottles: Maple wood from renewable sources, oiled with natural oils

Sprays within each set:

21 x 150 sprays ≙ 394 days

21 x 200 sprays ≙ 525 days